New: Game Changers Series


I’ve been a self-professed beauty addict for about 8 years now, and in that time, I have tried and tested countless beauty products. Now, I want to put that knowledge and experience to good use here on Fifty Shades of Taupe with my new “Game Changers” series.

We beauty addicts are a fickle bunch. I’m the first to admit that I have a very love ’em and leave ’em relationship with most of the products in my stash. Even the best performing products can be cast aside if something more exciting comes along. Am I right?

There are a few exceptions though, special products that are at the top of their class. I’m talking about the ones that I have actually used up and re-purchased, the ones that I would be lost without. Seriously, tears will be shed if any of the products featured in this series are ever, heaven forbid, discontinued. The posts in this series will be reviews of some of my absolute favourite products, but more importantly, they’ll be mini histories of how I discovered these products and how they changed my life forever. Too dramatic? I didn’t think so.

I’m going to kick off this series with a product that I discovered near the onset of my beauty addiction: Urban Decay Primer Potion.

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