Sick-Day Beauty (When Taking a Sick Day Seriously Isn’t an Option)


The 2014-2015 cold and flu season has been a doozy for me. It started with a cold the week before Christmas. Then in February I had a nasty flu that morphed into a cold. (That sickness lasted about two weeks). Now, I’m just getting over yet another cold. Hopefully this will be my last bout of sickness this year. When I’m really feeling ill, I do try to stay home and spare everyone else my germs, but, as I’m sure all of you hard working people out there know, sometimes taking a sick day just isn’t an option. Duty calls! Besides, colds tend to drag on forever, and you have to go back to work and face the world eventually. Below are a few of the products that helped me get back to work looking more or less like myself in spite of the sniffles. Read on for my sick-day beauty tips.

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My All-Time Favourite Blushes: TheBalm InStain


Most of the makeup looks I wear on a regular basis focus on the eyes, so I need a blush that can finish off the look and add life to the skin without taking center stage. I like a formula that illuminates the skin without any detectable shimmer and gives you that healthy, blushing-from-within look. I also want something that has lots of pigmentation but is still easy to control. No clown cheeks!

By far the best blush formulation I’ve encountered so far is TheBalm’s Instain blushes. I have two shades: my sister gifted me “Toile” (left) for my birthday last year, and I just picked up “Houndstooth” (right) last night.

110115 050110115 051First of all, the packaging is adorable! I love the play on InStyle Magazine. Second of all, the shade range in this line is fantastic. I doubt I will stop at just these two.

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