The Joy of Brush Cleaning with Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner


Confession: I HATE washing makeup brushes! It’s such a chore, and sometimes I put it off longer than I should.

Enter: Sephora Solid Brush Cleaner. On a whim, I added this to my last Sephora order just to sbc2qualify for free shipping. (Don’t judge! We’ve all done it.) When I first opened it, I thought: this is a $17 bar of soap. I’m such a sucker. However, it’s actually a fantastic product. I usually just use plain bar soap to wash my brushes, but this works so much better. Just a small amount goes a long way and it’s easier to rinse off than regular soap, so I’m finding it takes less time to clean my brushes. Epic winning!

Bonus: It comes with this textured scrubby pad thing that works really well for working the cleanser into the bristles, especially when cleaning dense brushes that hold a lot of product. Bonus 2: It smells like fruit punch! Love it!