My Quest for the Perfect Sunscreen…


I have long searched for a facial sunscreen that works with my skin type. My criteria? I want it to be lightweight and non-greasy. I want it to offer a decent level of broad spectrum UV protection without clogging my pores, and I want it to wear well under makeup. Oh, and I want the sunscreen ingredients to be mineral based, because I hate the smell and feel of the chemical ones. Is that too much to ask? Perhaps. Sunscreen is a sticky issue if you’ve got oily, acne prone skin. Literally.

Needless to say, I had really high hopes for this one from MD Solar Sciences:


It got good reviews on Sephora and, and is supposed to be formulated specifically for oily, acne-prone skin. Many reviewers stated that the silicone base makes this a great makeup primer as well as a sunscreen. Great, I thought. Kill two birds with one stone. I like where this is going. Unfortunately, this just didn’t work for me. In spite of all the claims to the contrary, I found this to be very heavy and greasy feeling on my skin. I was very aware of it all day long. I could feel it sitting there, suffocating my skin. I hate that feeling. It also clogged my pores. AND, my foundation didn’t wear nearly as well as it normally does. By the end of the work day, I could see little white spots all over my face. My foundation and the sunscreen had pooled in my pores in a most unflattering way. I should point out that my foundation did apply beautifully in the morning. It just didn’t last. All the silicones in this product do create a smooth base for makeup, but they don’t dry down and set. Anything you apply over top is going to slide around all day.

So this product only met two of my criteria. It does offer broad-spectrum protection. It’s SPF 50, and the active ingredients are mineral suncreens: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. (Beware, this will likely leave a white cast on medium to darker skin tones and will cause flashback in photos.)

I will hang on to this to use on days when I’m going to be outdoors in the sun for longer periods. As a day-to-day product, it’s just too heavy and uncomfortable. The quest continues…

Got any recommendations for sunscreens that are well-suited to oily skin? Please leave them in the comments.