Online Retail Therapy: My First Experience with Beautylish Boutiques


beautylishLiving in a smaller city in central British Columbia means that I have limited options for places to buy luxury cosmetics. Things have certainly improved since I first started getting into beauty…we now have Urban Decay and Stila at Shopper’s Drug Mart woot woot! But when it comes to the really high end stuff, I usually have to order online or snag it when I’m visiting a larger city.

I have been absolutely dying to get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury makeup since it first launched late in 2013. As far as I know, CT isn’t carried by any Canadian retailers, but I finally found an online retailer that would ship CT (as well as several other high end brands I can’t normally buy) to Canada. Yes!! This post isn’t about what I bought (I’ll be posting on that later), but about my first shopping experience with I was so impressed with their customer service that I felt it warranted its own post.

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