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I got a text from my sister the other day informing me that our Walmart now carries Flower Beauty products. Flower is Drew Barrymore’s brainchild and boasts that its products offer the same quality as high-end brands, but at Walmart prices. How do they keep the cost down? Apparently by using Drew to promote the brand, they don’t have to pay astronomical sums for advertising. You can check this out for yourself on the company’s website.FlowerBeautyHaul

New drugstore lines don’t come around very often, so I had to check this out. I made the half hour trek to Walmart and was blown away when I got there. This line is huge! I wasn’t expecting so many different products. It’s going to take me some time to fully explore the brand, but for now, I can offer some thoughts on the haul pictured above.

I treated myself to an eyeshadow quad, a couple of cream shadows, a mascara, a concealer and a powder brush. All of these items were priced around $8-$10 with the exception of the brush, which was about $13. So do the products deliver? Read on…

FB-Brightening Concealer

First up, we have the Brightening Concealer. This a twist-up concealer pen. I was expecting a liquid-y formula, but it’s actually fairly thick and creamy.  It’s labeled as a “brightening” product, but it doesn’t have any shimmer or light reflective qualities as far as I can tell. It’s just a basic concealer, albeit a very good one. It blends beautifully and offers a decent amount of coverage. I find it works equally well under the eyes and on minor imperfections around the face. It also wears well throughout the day. (I set it with powder). I will definitely use this up and would consider repurchasing.


Next, we have the Zoom-In Ultimate Mascara. This is one of those gimmicky multi-purpose mascaras that claims to lengthen, volumize and curl in three steps. I thought it was one of those deals where you twist the cap and it controls the amount of product dispensed, but I was wrong. Twisting the cap actually changes the shape of the brush! When you first pull it out, it’s perfectly straight; this is the lengthening step. Then, as you twist the cap, the brush spirals in on itself, becoming more condensed for volume. The final twist condenses the brush even more for curl. I thought I was going to hate this mascara, but it’s actually not half bad. I was able to get a decent amount of length and volume, and it lasted all day without flaking or smudging. I’m not sure it delivers any curl though. It’s not life changing, but this is the first multi-purpose mascara I’ve tried that hasn’t turned out to be a bitter disappointment. It’s actually kind of fun to use.

SmokeandMirrors-Eye Quad

Next up, the Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad in “Smoke and Mirrors.” This one was a bit of a disappointment. These shadows have a nice smooth texture, but are sorely lacking in pigmentation. I had to really pack these on to get them to show up at all. This is one of those shadow formulas that doesn’t adhere well to the skin, so as soon as you start to blend, they disappear. I had to really work just to get a super subtle look. (And that was over top of a primer!)

CreamShadow-Awesome Blossom

I was most excited about the Color Play Cream Shadows, so I bought two. “Awesome Blossom” (pictured above) is a gorgeous coppery red/brown. “Orchid-ing Around” (pictured below) is difficult to describe. It’s definitely in the taupe family…kind of a graphite grey with hints of plum and violet. It’s got a multi-coloured shimmer running through it, so it takes on different hues depending on how the light hits it. The formula of these shadows caught me off guard. I was expecting something similar to MAC Paint Pots or the Maybelline Color Tattoos. These aren’t firm and creamy like those; they’re more like a mousse/gel hybrid. They have a lot of moisture to them and they don’t dry down to a powdery finish like so many of the cream shadows I’m used to. I was convinced these would crease like crazy, especially on my oily lids, but I found they wear nicely…over a primer, of course. They’re not as long wearing as my beloved MAC Paint Pots, but they’re easier to blend, come in a bunch of gorgeous shades, have a beautiful finish and are about 1/3 of the price! I approve.

CreamShadow-Orchid-ing Around

PowderBrushLast, but not least, we have the Ultimate Powder Brush. Made with synthetic bristles, this brush is soft and feels nice on the skin. The bristles are a little floppier than I would like, but it’s not bad. It’s a good option for powders that you want to apply sparingly. It doesn’t seem to shed at all and I think the quality is on par with other similarly priced brush lines.

Overall, I think this line is definitely worth checking out. As is the case with most brands, there will be hits and misses, but it’s an exciting shake up in the world of drugstore cosmetics. I don’t think the quality truly compares to the luxury brands, but it is good value for the price. It will be exciting to see what this brand comes out with in the future.


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