Where the heck have I been?!?!


Hmmm….why no posts over the past five months? There are a couple of reasons. First and foremost, sometime in early June, I started growing a new human being! My partner and I are very excited about becoming new parents, but pregnancy has taken up a lot of my mental and physical energy over the past few months. I am still working full-time at my day job and trying to keep up with everything at home, so blogging unfortunately got tossed into the backseat. Second, I just haven’t been that inspired to write about beauty lately. With all of the mental and emotional changes going on for me, makeup just hasn’t been a top priority. Some days, I don’t even wear any! GASP! I haven’t even made a Sephora purchase since I found out I was pregnant! BIGGER GASP!

So with all of this in mind, I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads with the blog. I definitely want to continue with it. I love writing and feel compelled to continue for my own sanity, even if my sister and a bunch of spambots are the only ones reading it. And even though beauty has taken a backseat in my life, it hasn’t disappeared entirely. I will always love makeup and skincare and other lovely things. It’s an addiction that even having a new baby won’t completely cure. What I’m trying to say is that I would like to keep Fifty Shades of Taupe going, but I would like to expand its range of content to include other aspects of my life so that I have a creative outlet for other weird and random stuff that pops into my head. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to turn it into a mommy-blog (I promised my sister NO DIAPER REVIEWS). However, I may write the occasional post about pregnancy, the baby and the life changes that go along with those things. I will also definitely write about the beauty changes that go along with those things (hello, body image issues!) and already have some beauty-related posts in the works, I promise. I just want to be able to write about other things as well, so that I can continue to write and post even during times when inspiration for beauty posts is on the wane.

Luckily, I don’t have a huge following yet, so I won’t be alienating a large readership with this change in direction. Hopefully the few readers I do have will stick around and stay with me on this journey.

Also, if any of you out there have requests or ideas for posts that you would like to see, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments.

Stay beautiful!

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