Review: Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 1


I love the formula of the Make Up For Ever Artist shadows. They’re smooth, ultra creamy and oh-so-pigmented. The metallic finish ones are my absolute favourite, but they’re all good. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to try a few more of these shadows, and opportunity knocked in the form of a really economical palette!* If you don’t fancy buying a bunch of singles, MUFE has come out with a couple of palettes, one neutral and one bright. I got the neutral one.

   DSC07929                    DSC07930

Something to note right off the bat, if you’re not a fan of shimmer, shine and sheen, then this palette isn’t for you. The nine shadows range from satin to full-on metallics with glitter. I’m basically a magpie and love shimmer shadows, but I could see a lot of people balking at the serious lack of mattes.


Click to enlarge.

This isn’t the sort of palette that really lends itself to complete looks. The palette does come with a little look book that claims that each of the vertical columns is a trio that can be used to do a complete look, but I’m really not a fan of any of the suggestions and have just been doing my own thing. I tend to just use one or two of the shades and then supplement the look with other shadows from my collection. For example, a few of these shades create an amazing molten metal look when layered over a cream shadow. Again, I like shiny shadows.

*Note that the shadows in this palette are slightly smaller than the singles, but the palette is still a really good value.

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