New Series: Workhorse Brushes


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I love makeup brushes. I have loads from different brands, and I seem to keep acquiring new ones. I really am spoiled for choice, and yet, there are a few brushes in my collection that never seem to get a rest. These are the “workhorse brushes,” multipurpose brushes that never fail to do the job and do it well.

So I decided to give some love to these brushes with a series of posts on a few of my all-time favourites. And what better place to start than with one of the first makeup brushes I ever purchased.

DSC07821Here we have the Definition Brush from Canadian brand Lise Watier. This was literally one of the very first professional quality brushes I bought upon graduation from sponge tip applicators. I’ve had this brush for about 8 years, and it has worked tirelessly in that time. When I first bought it, the bristles were jet black, but now it’s been used and washed so many times that much of the dye is gone, and you can see the natural colour of the bristles coming through. It hasn’t lost its softness though. I believe this brush is intended to be a crease blending brush (similar to the MAC 224), and it’s awesome for that purpose, but I use it for other things too. Sometimes I use it to apply highlighter or to set my under-eye concealer with powder. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it and will continue to use it until the bristles fall out!

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