Review: Armani Eye Tints


armanieyetintsIt’s a good thing I had a scroll back through the photos in my blog folder, because I realized I forgot to do a post on the Armani Eye Tints! I have two of these: #6 Green Iron and #4 Emeraude. Green Iron is an olive/khaki shade with golden shimmer, and Emeraude is a blackened emerald green. (Think MAC Club on steroids.)

These are liquid/cream shadows that you apply with a doe foot applicator. I find them to be creamy, blendable and long-lasting. I also find these shadows to be fairly versatile, as they can be worn alone or under/over powder shadows. You can also play with the intensity. They go on quite bold, but can easily be sheered out for a subtle smokey look. I think Green Iron is my favourite. Emeraude is bolder, darker and harder to wear. I’ve taken to using it as a liner.

There are a lot of gorgeous neutrals available in this line, but I went for a couple of shades that are different than anything else I have.

Seen any good tutorials using these shades? Post them in the comments. I’m eager for ideas.

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