Luxury Palette Dupe: Quo Mineral Shadow Combo


The first thing that popped into my head when I clapped eyes on this shadow quad from Quo was: “Hey, that looks like a dupe for some of the high end palettes from brands like Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury.” I normally skirt around the Quo products at Shopper’s Drug Mart, because I find their products to be high priced and of dubious quality. What we have here is an exception though. It is fairly high priced, ($20 is a lot for a drugstorQuopalettee eye quad), but the quality is excellent. All four of the shades in this “Downtown Brown” quad are buttery soft and blend beautifully. The really genius bit, though, is the inclusion of a deep brown liner shade that really works! This palette actually shaves a bit of time off my smokey eye routine, because I don’t have to go rummaging for a separate liner. That’s right, the powder liner is pigmented enough that I can skip pencil!

My only gripe about this product is that the packaging could be a bit better. Although the compact is sturdy and substantial, it lacks a clasp or magnetic closure to hold it shut. It’s one of those compacts where the mirror swivels in all directions. When the compact is closed, there’s nothing to stop the top portion from sliding open, so it’s not very travel friendly.

Packaging problems aside, the shadows and liner are all really lovely. I did swatch some of the other quads in the line and the quality seems to be pretty consistent, so if you’re looking for a budget alternative to some of the well-known luxury quads and you live in Canada, head to Shopper’s and check these out!


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