Review: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows


mufeartistA couple of weeks ago my sister went to Vancouver and brought me back a couple of the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows. These are amazing! The shades she picked out are D-826 (left), and ME-728 (right). These shadows are available in a ton of different shades and finishes. D-826 is described on Sephora as a “Fig” and has a diamond finish. In other words, it’s sparkly. Very sparkly. ME-728 is a “Copper Red” with a metallic finish. It’s shiny. Very shiny. I almost couldn’t believe the richness and intensity when I first swatched these. The metallic one in particular is INSANE. I love ’em both, but the coppery metallic ME-728 is my favourite. I find myself dabbing it over top of darker brown shadows to add dimension and a bit more drama to a basic brown smokey eye. These two shades also look nice paired together. I did a smokey look with the fig shade and then put a dab of the copper on top.

You do need to make sure you tap your brush off when using the diamond finish ones. I forgot to once and ended up with a bit of fallout. Nothing major though.

I’m curious to see what other shades and finishes are in this line. Next time I’m in Sephora, I will be swatching more of these…and a couple will probably come home with me.

Click through to see swatches.


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