Sick-Day Beauty (When Taking a Sick Day Seriously Isn’t an Option)


The 2014-2015 cold and flu season has been a doozy for me. It started with a cold the week before Christmas. Then in February I had a nasty flu that morphed into a cold. (That sickness lasted about two weeks). Now, I’m just getting over yet another cold. Hopefully this will be my last bout of sickness this year. When I’m really feeling ill, I do try to stay home and spare everyone else my germs, but, as I’m sure all of you hard working people out there know, sometimes taking a sick day just isn’t an option. Duty calls! Besides, colds tend to drag on forever, and you have to go back to work and face the world eventually. Below are a few of the products that helped me get back to work looking more or less like myself in spite of the sniffles. Read on for my sick-day beauty tips.

sickdaybeautySick-Day Woe #1: Yucky Skin

My skin goes all kinds of crazy when I’m sick. Dullness, no colour, dehydration, breakouts, redness. Yuck. This could just be my imagination, but I swear makeup doesn’t sit as well on my skin when I’m ill. So, for the past few days I’ve swapped out my heavier coverage foundations for something lighter and more skin-like. I’ve been enjoying Almay’s “Smart Shade” makeup. It’s very sheer, more like a tinted moisturizer than a true foundation. I find going lighter on the foundation and spot-concealing blemishes and redness makes for a more natural look and calls attention away from a tired, lackluster complexion. To add some health and vigor back into the skin, I went for two old faithfuls: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Moonstone” and theBalm InStain Blush in “Toile.”

Sick-Day Woe #2: Burton-esque Dark Circles

I always have dark under-eye circles, even when I’m healthy. When I’m sick, though, my under-eye circles rival those of Johnny Depp in pretty much any Tim Burton film. Luckily, I have a couple of secret weapons to banish dark circles. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer set with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. The Bourjois concealer offers LOTS of coverage and is somewhat light reflective. The Laura Mercier powder locks that concealer in place, adding brightness without bulk.

Sick-Day Woe #3: Zombie Eyes

My eyes are hands-down my favourite feature to play up with makeup. However, when a cold strikes, I find it’s better to go easy on the eye makeup. Sickness makes the eyes look tired, glassy and red. Piling on tons of shadow and liner just makes things worse. Less really is more in this case. Today I used an old favourite, the Marc Jacobs “Lolita” palette. I did a very back-to-basics look with the three matte shades and then dabbed a bit of the champagne shimmer on my lids to brighten things up. The look was subtle, but it really helped mask the tiredness.

Sick-Day Woe #4: California Raisin Lips

My already dry lips get even drier when I’m under the weather, so I’ve been reaching for things that feel creamy and nourishing. Today I used the Urban Decay Naked Gloss in “Sesso.” It’s a natural, my-lips-but-better shade that paired nicely with theBalm blush. It also feels very moisturizing and added a nice shine without accentuating dryness.

How about you? What are your go-to products when germs attack?

2 thoughts on “Sick-Day Beauty (When Taking a Sick Day Seriously Isn’t an Option)

  1. I hope you’re feeling better!
    Foundation definitely doesn’t sit as well on my skin when I’m sick, I think it’s probably because it gets very dehydrated and even flaky (especially around the nose).

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