My New Cream Shadow Obsession: Dior Fusion Mono Shadows


Left: #661 Météore Right: #381 Millenium

I’ve written a full review of the Dior Fusion Mono Shadows here, but I wanted to update and post some swatch pics of my newest acquisitions: #661 Météore and #381 Millenium. I love them both, but I think Millenium might be my favourite. It’s a very multidimensional shade, taupe in some lights, khaki green in others. I think it’s one that would be flattering on almost anyone. Météore is a slightly coppery golden beige with LOTS of sparkle. I’m obsessed with these! They’re so quick and easy to use, and they make a big impact with little effort.

Click through to see the swatch pics!


Left: Météore Right: Millenium


Left: Météore Right: Millenium

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