Review: Dior Cheek and Lip Glow


Dior Cheek GlowI’ll do just about anything for a treat from Sephora, even cat-sit. Recently, my sister went out of town and left me in charge of her two fur babies. My reward for feeding them and making sure they didn’t wreck the house? A couple of goodies from Dior.

A few years ago I tried the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, and I loved it so much I used it up. So naturally, I was excited to try the new Cheek and Lip Glow, a gel stain that, according to the Dior website, “reacts to the moisture in the skin and lips to give them a luminous custom pink glow.”

I’ve been testing this product out all week and am ready to share my thoughts.

The packaging: I love the little nail polish-style bottle. The silver outer cap lifts off to reveal a black twist off cap, which is attached to a spherical doe-foot applicator. This might not matter to anyone but me, but the silver cap makes a very satisfying “click” when you put it back on the bottle. To me, that’s a sign of truly luxurious packaging.

The formula: It’s a very fluid gel (on the runny side). It has the same minty-vanilla scent as the Lip Glow balm, and although some people aren’t crazy about the smell, I love it! Once applied, the gel blends weightlessly into the skin, leaving behind nothing but a rosy tint.

On the lips: This is lovely as a lip stain. On me, it develops into a very flattering rosy shade that can be as sheer or as intense as I choose. As with any stain, it is a tad drying if you wear it alone, so I dab a bit of lip balm on top to make it more comfortable. It’s gorgeous paired with the Lip Glow balm. Go figure! I’ve seen a few YouTube videos where people have applied this straight onto the lips with the doe-foot applicator. I found that deposited way too much product and made it difficult to get an even stain. I prefer to dab a bit on my fingertip and then blend it into the lips.

On the cheeks: Again, this develops into a beautiful, natural rosy flush. You do need to be careful with application though. Use a very small amount to start and build up if you need to. It’s easy to overdo it and end up with clown cheeks. Because the gel is on the runny side, you also have to be careful that you don’t blend it out too far and end up with 80’s blush up to your temples. I use the applicator to apply three small dots to the apple of my cheek and then quickly tap the product into my skin, staying on the apple and then moving outward once there’s less product on my fingers.diorcheekswatch

Wear time: I find this product to be fairly long-wearing. The longevity does depend on how intensely you apply it. The more you apply, the longer it lasts. A moderate application to my cheeks will last throughout the work day.

Word of caution: The fluidity of the formula might not mesh well with some primers and foundations. One day I applied this after having used a foundation primer (Smashbox Blemish Control), and it caused the primer and my foundation to ball up and peel off. When applied on top of my foundation alone (Clinique Almost Powder Makeup), it was fine.

How does it compare to Benefit’s Benetint? It’s similar to Benetint, but I find it way easier to apply and blend. The Dior product is also more comfortable on the lips.

Overall: This is a very luxurious, multipurpose product that offers a fresh, natural and modern look for cheeks and lips. J’adore!

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