Game Changers: CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat


It is really rare for me to finish a bottle of nail polish. Even staple nail products like top and base coats tend to hang around in my collectiotopcoatn for ages because I have several different ones that I use regularly. Lately, though, I find myself nearing the bottom of my CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat. This stuff literally outshines all other top coats in my stash. I’ve decided to bestow Game Changer status on this product because it has everything I look for in a top coat:

Goes on smoothly without bubbling? Check.

Sets quickly so I can go to bed or run errands without fear of denting or smudging a fresh manicure? Check.

Super glossy finish that doesn’t wear away after only a day or two? Check.

Prevents chipping and cracking to extend the wear time of my favourite polishes? Check.

Doesn’t turn into a thick, gloopy sludge after only a few uses? Check.

Doesn’t require an industrial strength solvent to remove? Check.

Yeah…I’m picky when it comes to top coats. I’m nearly finished my current bottle and am already itching to go purchase a replacement. You know you’re in love with a product when the thought of running out and having no replacement induces anxiety. Seriously, I better go to the mall after work tomorrow and get one…


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