Game Changers: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage


s1307388-main-LheroI’m sure that as time goes on, and the posts start to stack up on this blog, it will become apparent that I am a card-carrying Lisa Eldridge fan-girl. I watch her YouTube channel and follow her blog religiously.

This game changing product is one that makes frequent appearances in Lisa’s videos, and that’s what sparked my interest in it. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage seems to be her go-to product for spot concealing blemishes and minor bits of discolouration. For the past two years, it has been my go-to as well.

I first tried this product towards the end of 2013 when my sister gave me a Laura Mercier complexion set that included the Undercover Pot (a jar of setting powder with pans of Secret Camouflage and Secret Concealer in the lid.) Before too long, I was hooked on the Secret Camouflage and splurged for the full-size compact.

At first, this concealer seemed odd to me. It wasn’t nearly as creamy as I thought it would be. If my sister hadn’t warned me about the texture ahead of time, I would have thought that it was expired and dried out! It has a very waxy consistency and is much drier than a lot of other concealers.

However, the dry, waxy texture is part of what makes this concealer so awesome. While creamier concealers blend away to nothing and disappear after a few hours, this one stays put.* I can put this on in the morning, set it with a bit of powder and rest assured that it will last the day. It is also very pigmented and capable of covering most anything. I use it to conceal blemishes, minor red patches and broken capillaries.

The gimmick with this product is that you get two shades in the compact so that you can custom blend your own perfect shade. I have SC2 and honestly only use the larger, more yellow side. Anytime I try to use the peachy shade…things get weird. It just doesn’t suit my skin. However, you get such a huge amount of the other shade, that I don’t really care if the peachy side is useless.

How do I apply this? I like to use a small concealer brush (the Laura s870832-main-heroMercier Secret Camouflage brush to be exact) and do some Lisa Eldridge-style “pinpoint concealing.” A small brush really helps you target the areas that need the coverage. What I don’t do is use this on under-eye circles. It’s way too dry for that: cake city.

Before finding this product, I flitted from concealer to concealer, never liking one well enough to stick with it. The fact that I’ve been usingĀ  this same one daily for two years is a testament to its effectiveness. I really can’t imagine my makeup routine without it. Tears will most certainly be shed if this is ever (heaven forbid) discontinued.

*Application tip: I like to start by concealing the smallest imperfections first, giving the compact time to warm up in my hand. I find the heat from my hand slightly melts the product so it’s easier to blend over larger blemishes.


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