Better Late than Never: Ciate Mini Mani Month



Behold, what I found on a recent power-shopping trip to Winners. A heavily discounted, but no less exciting, Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar. I scooped this up for a mere $15, and even though it’s too late for Christmas, I’m super excited about it.

So, am I going to open each door, day by day, until I’ve discovered all 24 surprises? Of course not. I tore into that sucker as soon as I got home and lined up all 24 bottles at once, admiring the range of colours and textures. You get 18 regular polishes and 6 of Ciate’s infamous textures: one glitter, one sequins and four caviar pearls.

Since I was too late to get in on the fun of using this as an advent calendar, I’m going to post pics of all 24 polishes and textures, as I try them, here on the blog.

First up is “Members Only,” a sheer peachy nude with gold micro-shimmer. It’s pretty, but very sheer and subtle. Personally, I prefer a bit more opacity, but this is great if you want a barely there look.

180115 038

Which one will I try next? Stay tuned. Do you have this set? Which polish is your favourite?

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