Review: CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara


As promised, here is a full review of the Full Lash Bloom Mascara by CoverGirl.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

I’ve been fairly impressed with the last few CoverGirl mascaras I’ve tried. I think “Clump Crusher” is my all-time fave, but “Full Lash Bloom” is a close second. This one definitely wins for packaging. The ultra-feminine pink tube with flowers on it is what drew me in at the store.

The claims? According to the CoverGirl website, the petal-shaped brush and mousse formula with natural beeswax are supposed to make lashes full and soft to the touch.

The results? I find this mascara gives my lashes a full, fluttery look with no clumps. It’s not the most dramatic mascara I’ve ever used, but it’s great for a soft, feminine, everyday look. Before and after pics below:

141214 003

141214 004One thing to note is that I have noticed a difference in how Full Lash Bloom wears compared to other CG mascaras I’ve tried. I didn’t notice it the first few times I wore it, but upon closer inspection, this one does flake a bit towards the end of the day. That surprised me, because I’ve never had that issue with any of the others from the Lash Blast line. It’s not a total deal-breaker for me; I still enjoy using it, but I expected a longer-wearing formula.

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