Monday Evening Pick-Me-Up


Last Monday I needed a little pick-me-up after work and treated myself to a couple of things from London Drugs…my intention was to buy candy, but of course the gremlin re-routed me to the beauty department. Once I got to the beauty department, I spotted two things I couldn’t go home without. The limited edition “Nic’s Picks” set of brushes from realTechniques and the “Full Lash Bloom” mascara from CoverGirl. My rationale for these purchases: well the brushes are limited edition, they have silver handles and three of the brushes are exclusive to this limited edition set, so that’s a no-brainer. The mascara? It’s pink, has flowers on it, and Katy Perry was on the display. Those are good enough reasons for the gremlin.


I’ve been using the brushes and the mascara over the past week and am loving both so far. I’ll follow up with full reviews of both very soon. Stay tuned!

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