Clothing Haul: Reitmans


So….my better half had to run an errand in town yesterday, and he kindly dropped me off at the mall to browse while he was busy. I thought I was just going to Target to get some nail polish remover, but this happened…

030115 005I couldn’t help but notice that Reitmans, my favourite clothing store, is already starting to clear out their winter stock…even though there’s at least three months of sweater weather left here in the frozen tundra I call home. Everything pictured was at least 50% off. That’s my justification, and I’m sticking to it.

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My Own….My Precious


Ring-18102014 002Ever get the urge to treat yourself to something sparkly? I know I do! One day last week I had what can only be described as a “Samantha Jones moment,” one of those moments where you find yourself considering an expensive purchase, and the only justification you can come up with is: I work hard. I deserve this.

I don’t have many rings in my jewelry box, so I treated myself to this one. It’s a lavender amethyst surrounded by white sapphires. The setting is rhodium plated sterling silver. It really catches the light and appeals to my inner magpie. Opting for silver and sapphires, rather than gold and diamonds, appeals to my inner Scrooge McDuck. It was an affordable way to get some bling, and it looks more expensive than it is. It almost feels like cheating!

I would link to where you can buy this beauty, but I think I got the last one, because it’s no longer on the site.